Hanseatic Cities

Ursula Sabisch, Am Aehrenfeld 15, 23564 Luebeck, Germany

To the Citizens




Luebeck, June 19, 2023

The German language document you may find here!

External control in the Hanseatic City.

Dear Readers, Dear Sir or Madam,

Today my person would like to hand in a rather hopeful and friendly letter to all readers, even though not everyone has to understand everything.

What everyone should understand is the reality-based dangerous situation in which the world and mankind has been moving for a long time, in that every responsible person can safeguard his or her own interests and the interests of others. 

This opportunity is certainly meant for everyone, big or small, and thus especially for those who are already on the sidelines and will be, for example, in prison or in a penal institution.

As some citizens, including young people and children will have noticed, over-dimensional movements have already become active and underway, which are visibly recognizable to many citizens of the Hanseatic City of Luebeck and possibly already active in the Hanseatic City of Hamburg.

It concerns for the most part certainly deceased and their souls, whereby among them also parts of the saints will have come down in connection with miracles.

These living "descents" need a living form, as it could be humans or unfortunately also animals, whereby it will always concern parts of the Creation and this also means at the same time that an unique connection has become recognizable.

As Christians and as Jews, but also for example as Jehovah's Witnesses, we know through prophecy that at the end of time there will be the "Last Judgment" of the living and the dead, but we also know that there is a hopeful message in that everything will begin anew again.

The confrontation between these incidents and the human being, but probably especially between the domestic animals like the dog and the cat, are obviously quite different.

Quite bad are the odor transmissions of something or someone, but also some "stupid pranks" played to one or the other, like missing keys or other objects.

But my person must criticize here at this point very strongly that there are people who are of the opinion to be able to cause something independently over-dimensional, which is a quite gross nonsense. 

Possibly there are only one or two extreme exceptions of the end time who can control something superdimensional independently as a person and all others who could control especially something "evil" as a simple person are always and exclusively bound to something or to somebody and only therefore able to cause something.

Also for example Uri Geller or other magicians with impressive "magic arts", what is called supernatural powers, or also the strange bloody stigmata are always a connection also through the ancestors by means of parts of the saints and are originated by the gift of the miracle healings and hold always a connection.

The good thing about this given situation is that it is about the construction of the twelve apostles or better the miracle healings, which means that miracle healers must be basically a male person.

Of course, the miracle healings do not only concern the physically ill ones, but also the great mass of the mentally ill ones, whereby it will essentially be about the right relationships or the right assignment between the life partners. (Swapping of the wedding couples).

To this belongs of course also the "corrected" appearance of the person, in order to be able to find its correct counter pole and now also the technology is added into the highest level of all times, in order to be able to find themselves also, if necessary and assigned, world-wide.

Much more my person doesn't want to "blurt out", but one seems to have become quite sure by one of these odor transmissions of the invisible deceased or super dimensional:

From a burning of the corpses the person should refrain in the future if possible, because to my person even very briefly a "burnt to a live cinder human being" has appeared in the apartment Am Aehrenfeld or to my person in the middle of the room suddenly charred smells like from an oven came!

Thus one should not be frightened too much and see in this regard everything a little more loosely, but should one actually be as a simple person in the position to be able to control or cause something knowingly by supersensible forces*, which can have been invariably the case so, then one should turn in writing or however personally to the psychiatric service, so that the specialists, like the psychiatrists, can specify themselves in greater details with it.

Of course, the roasted doves will not come flying on the laid table, as in a land of milk and honey, but only through movement and change in the matter.

But it is to be considered that only by the large mass, also from other cultures coming, the whole can succeed!

And do not forget: Also others have learned to read and write and not only my person, whereby it could be safer in this explosive matter to use the letter post.

Ursula Sabisch


HP: There is as a simple person a duty to inform in the matter and if one does not follow this duty, then the Cudgel of my person will probably have to help a little!