Ursula Sabisch, Am Aehrenfeld 15, 23564 Luebeck, Germany

To the

President of Russia President Putin

To the President of Ukraine

To all Presidents and

Diplomats of the World

Germany, Luebeck, June 22, 2023.

That German-language document you may find here!

External threats and internal termination of war in Europe.

Dear Sirs from all over the World, Dear Presidents of the aforesaid matter in the war situation of Europe,

As you and your kind should have understood by now, no war decides about the power claims or borders of a state, and certainly not about the power of an individual.

Also you as the presidents or female presidents of each state are only a guest on earth and can lose your life on earth at any time.

Also your pants can be pulled down and you can be put* on a jerry, do not forget this better in the future no moment in your life!

There are some criminal rulers in the world who are now also to be equipped with nuclear weapons and there is always and everywhere in the world at least one ruler who takes advantage, if at least two states quarrel or if states want to fight each other.

Alone already by the supply of weapons or by the distress of other states like by wars or supply shortages, uninvolved states or statesmen can draw advantages from it, even if for example by the flourishing order situation of the weapon industry a re-election remains guaranteed and individual people will profit from it, since money comes by the import/ export into the country!

However, the old earth strikes alarm especially by its exploitation already for a long time and also the signs of threats from the universe become more and more clear and come closer, if you and your kind will not finally "wake up".

You and your kind as the bearers of a title as a statesman or as a stateswoman have not always come on legitimate ways on such a place, or could hold the place in a clean way from own strength, do not forget this better and think please also once of the people that was entrusted to you for a time!

The next president or successor comes certainly and with much luck it does not concern a megalomaniac or a buffoon who has perhaps more than enough money, what is in the trend to be able to buy into politics as a ruler and needs now fame, honor and a place in the history books for his EGO!

Should you and others really belong to this place entrusted to you and be allowed to occupy the place during the difficult situation of the world, especially in the interest of the people entrusted to you and in your own interest, then you will have to arrange yourselves please quite fast according to the true situation worldwide correctly or subordinate yourselves absolutely!

Especially a dictator or ruler of a country is sent over the satellite airwaves and if not everything succeeds amicably, as my person must demand, then he will draw his beating by the Cudgel of my person and will be  put on the jerry, like a small child!

Otherwise it can happen that there can be no mercy for such a statesman and the Cudgel will send such a creature from the house into the hereafter!

There he and something else then will have to pay off his " guilt or debts " and with successfully made performance a " return of these souls " will be initiated on the earth!

My person would wish very much for all people, that you and other people concerned here on earth will do the demanded part, which you have also owed to the people!

There are especially for Russia and the Ukraine letters in the net, whereby my person cannot make exclusively President Putin responsible for the war in Europe, although an international law was broken.

Please all remember: We are all only guest on earth and have a common quite powerful " Boss ", whom we all must serve and obey, better do not forget this for a moment!

With kind regards

Ursula Sabisch


Document checked on 03. Oct. 2023.