Ursula Sabisch, Empress, Am Ährenfeld 15, 23564 Lübeck, Germany

To the

European Union

CO/ European Parliament

Z. H. Ms. Ursula v. d. Leyen


Luebeck, June 15, 2023

The German language document you may find here!

Transitioning beyond the end into a new age.

Dear Ladies and Gentlemen of the European Union and the European Parliament, Dear Readers,

Also for you and your comrades-in-arms of the European Union and of the European Parliament it becomes time to subordinate yourselves correctly according to the reality of the called Authorities or to subordinate yourselves without objections.

Each of you is only a guest on earth and in no case more worth than one of the 110 million refugees in the world, just as we are all only meant as guests on earth.

But if the Lord of the small and the very big house temporarily feels forced to hand over his cause to predetermined persons and to a correspondingly assigned over-dimensioned deity, then you should immediately take note of this fact.

Because also today an earthquake with the magnitude 6.2 and the depth of 112 km on the Richter scale was again to be perceived, which probably indirectly concerned an earth plate displacement, however the epicenter was located in approx. 300 km distance of the displacement.

It affected Mindoro, Philippines, where the epicenter was not recorded on land, but near land, but various earth tremors with different magnitudes spread over several hundred kilometers, struck on land, up to a violent earth tremor of magnitude 8/10, reported by the population.

It is not unusual when earthquakes occur, since these are natural processes of the continental plates, but it is unusual that large parts of the respective affected earth plate are shaken more and more frequently at a distance of several hundred kilometers from the epicenter. 

Furthermore, it is particularly fatal that, according to the earthquake archive, the occurrence of lighter earthquakes, starting from magnitude 2.0 to 4.9 over the period of 10 years, has almost doubled rather inconspicuously, while in recent years the total number of strong earthquakes has been increasing, but so far, on a daily basis, the number of strong* earthquakes has remained rather constant. 

However, you want to let produce efficiently and incessantly weapons and to get nickel, iron and other metals from the earth, and of course everything else also, what is not nailed down, in order to be able to remain competitive! 

Then you want to let build quite generously gigantic housing estates with underground garages and concreted amusement centers and hotel plants for the tourism and you do this already very long without also rhyme or reason!

In addition now in the near future the large world-wide refugee flows come by the wars and rising environmental disasters also to Europe, whereby these humans will need likewise a roof over the head!

But you and your kind invest billions in jobs as factory workers in East Germany, in order to let microchips manufacture, although some capacities in this area of the national economy and environment suggest to you to fill up the stocks by the import, in order to administer the billions more meaningfully.

But no, you as the European leadership with German chancellor must represent yourselves completely large and throw gladly times with a few billion here and there around, but nevertheless 110 million humans are in the 21 Century on the flight!

But you and your kind plan presumably your "well-deserved vacation" and all "vacation addicts" watch how you and others continue in this mentioned style. 

More and more frequently you meet in the castles of the world and this happens with more and more splendor and glory, but it comes out under the line more and more poverty and misery also by your questionable refugee politics thereby.

And now it comes, as it must come!

Should you and your kind be of the opinion, you can continue to do what you think is right and what you want without having to bear the consequences yourself, then my person lets you first beat your sick ass blue and black and afterwards you and your kind get to know the escape routes which the Cudgel of my person gives you, because the Cudgel of my person will teach you!

First please you clear the castle Bellevue in Berlin and the castle Christiansborg Copenhagen, so that the master of the castle King Juergen and his entourage can get in!

Should you or others like to meet in a castle, then you will only be able to do so by an invitation or request from the master of the house and no other way!

Many of the solutions, also those, of the refugee politics, you and your kind find by instructions and orders of my person in the Internet, whereby gladly also improvement suggestions are accepted and belong on the desk of the King.

If Emperor Diethard should be also ready and able to accept his heavy office, then a castle of his choice is to be prepared for the Emperor and his entourage and also he gets your performance delivery and possible suggestions for the solutions of the arising problems of the world population on his desk.

You and others will learn serving and you will learn it not in the name of the sick people of a democracy, but you will learn it in the name of the Crown!

At the beginning you and all mature citizens of Europe will learn to set up a European monarchy by the Ambassadors of Denmark forming the royal staff.

Afterwards a worldwide monarchy will have to be formed by the very serious situation and very difficult situation of the world and the world population, whereby the instructions and orders in the matter and on behalf of the Creator are already deposited in the Internet by my person!

Gladly you and others may still prove your acting abilities for some days, but you will do or leave what the Crown dictates to you, which consists of three persons!

If necessary, some of you will have to clear or change places, which is up to King Juergen and the Emperor will probably make his decisions for his tasks equally.

My person works as usual with the God servant and/or Cudgel carrier and expects in the near future her hard earned pocket money from the German bank AG, which remains attached to two conditions!

Each mature citizen was not born only here to establish himself his life in a pleasure world so well, as it goes only at all, if at the same time humans are on the flight and suffer from hunger, cold, diseases and misery!

Should you not submit, then my person lets you and your kind throw out of the houses or dwellings and you learn quite fast to thank for a piece of bread and a sip of water!

Thus and not differently remains my person

with kind regards

Ursula Sabisch


HP: Please see to it that the Hanseatic City of Luebeck familiarizes the Prince Martin with his task and gives him the responsibility for "the control on the spot" in the matter. 

Furthermore, please see to it that my person can assert her written claims in the matter and that no further damage is done to the relatives of the Authorities!