Our Earth

Ursula Sabisch, Empress, 23564 Lübeck, Am Ährenfeld 15, 23564 Lübeck, Germany

The German language document you may find here!

To the UN / NATO / 

Ambassadors of all Men's countries

Worldwide as CC/

Germany, Luebeck, 10. February 2023

Introduction to the future-oriented progress in the matter.

Dear Readers, Dear Gentlemen, Dear Ambassadors and Ambassadresses worldwide,

You and others will most likely not like this document either, but only if you put the clear facts on the table for everyone to see, by no longer suppressing reality, can the big picture succeed.

In plain language, this means that the basis of life sets clear signs for all living beings that can no longer be concealed or discussed away, because all people worldwide are lost without this basis!

Our unique Earth is the basis of life, without which we as humanity will have no chance of surviving and if you cannot understand the signs of the times, then you are simply out of place!

And this document, by which all thinking people in the world are called and included, relates* to maintaining this basis for as long as possible, or to keep it.

As we should have understood from good information reported on the Internet by a Chinese expert elite, the earth's core has stopped rotating in one direction, which according to the experts rarely happens but at regular intervals of centuries or millennia.

In other words, it is about the stagnation* of the earth's core, while at the same time a millennium catastrophe caused by two strong earthquakes and various moderate earthquakes and shook and hit Turkey and Syria.

However, what hardly gets any mention of the associated earthquakes in these regions, that are convulsions of nature, which my person being able to detect at least two magnitude 9.0 convulsions of nature and at least one magnitude 8.0 convulsion of nature on the trusted volcanoes and earthquakes app.

In my opinion, these signs point to the behavior of the earth's crust, the mantle and connection to the earth's core, what should be explored by many experts.

Aside from the fact, in my opinion there is no guarantee that the core of the earth will start rotating again by changing direction, because the Earth is also very old and, in the longer term, needs a momentum, that controls the Earth and keeps it alive, since the Earth and the earth's atmosphere are subject to Creation, with the solar system and thus the entire universe recognisably belonging to it.

Also apart from that, my person has an image that the end of time and global warming and danger also comes from the Earth itself and not just the earth's atmosphere alone is responsible for global warming.

For this reason, too, my person has already called on the Chinese to take responsibility and has published this document on one of her valuable "homepages". Welcome! & Willkommen! (

Certainly, the attention of my person will have taken place far beyond the borders, for example in China and Japan, as well as throughout Europe and probably already worldwide, what cannot primarily have happened by the valuable documents of my person!

Of course, the Russians or Chinese must be surprised about this strange event and be able to classify the behavior or the suppression of reality of the Germans, whereby in the USA many citizens certainly also have contact with the Monumental-Area in this regard.

This behavior fuels distrust and wars can also be the result of it, if the world population does not recognize the writing on the wall!

Unfortunately, almost every person worldwide has been serving “his private ends” at the expense of the available time and at the expense of future generations, whereby it is important to mention that each individual has his/ her own roots and thus his/ her individual and exclusive connections to the afterlife, and this is quite obvious also in terms of time, because everyone is contacted differently!

It must not be overlooked that technology was also intrigued into life, which is more than just dangerous, but technology which is used correctly as a hand tool of mankind, will be very useful!

Looking at the globe, one has to wonder why even the world's oceans have already been literally connected by thick and strong pipelines and tunnels, which will further affect the flexibility of the earth's surface when earthquakes will occur from natural causes.

Quite apart from that, the depths of the oceans were probably used as a dumping place for the dangerous nuclear waste barrels and thus there is at least one time bomb that will not stop ticking! 

The natural flexibility of the earth's crust has been impaired and felt by mankind on the mainland and thus on the continental plates, especially in the 21st century, in that the plates will shift or wedge against each other or be pulled apart or collide!

These natural processes were always known to the civilized population, and yet the earth, or more precisely the earth's crust, was hardened and built up across the board.

Fortunately, there is nature, which is subordinate to Creation and includes everyone and everything, but especially the Earth.

This high but fragile contact has already been restored and is in place, which could be confirmed millions of times and thus the progress of the matter is clear, which can be seen on the various homepages of my person.

Ultimately, it is about the preservation of our Earth, which already needs stability, in that a part of Creation has to find its way back to Earth from the outside!

These are in fact UFOs from the far beyond, most of which will be beyond the horizon of the universe, which will also be related to the top of humanity and the abortions of created life and by those affected contemporary witnesses in the matter is logically understandable!

China and the Asian region should also be particularly affected, although it will be mainly female human creatures, who have been aborted en masse!

Thus "there is a dangerous connection" to Creation, which can include all people and must come down to Earth as one or more arks at the end of time without exception!

This means that all of humanity must be informed in good time, so that everyone affected can have the chance for their lives and especially their "afterlife" and this also means that there must be a single leadership and all other countries worldwide must  submit to this leadership.

The leaders of each country consist mainly, but not exclusively, of the respective male ambassadors of all master countries.

The borders are all preserved worldwide as they are legally and globally recognized, with some special letters for Ukraine and Russia on the "net"!

Nobody should underestimate the advantages and disadvantages of a network.

Now there are already the networks on the bottom of the oceans as pipelines or tunnels, there are huge and different power networks, there are huge sewage networks, various rail networks above and within the earth's crust, various forms of current communication networks, road networks, airspace networks of the airplanes and there are the satellite networks of all Men's countries.

Of course there is also a simple fishing net!

With this in mind, come to yourself everybody and inform you about the matter, so that the big picture can succeed!

Ursula Sabisch


* February 14, 2023. 

The (stragnation) standstill of the earth's core was denied by experts according to the Internet, but it should be absolutely pointed out as a precaution, that nobody worldwide should get the idea to drill into the EARTH'S CORE! 

*Document checked on May 10th. 2023.