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Excerpt from the Internet:   

The 1982 United Nations International Convention on the Law of the Sea (hereinafter UNCLOS) declares the deep seabed outside national territories and mineral resources to be the "common heritage of mankind." This principle primarily prohibits states from claiming sovereign rights over the deep seabed. UNCLOS established the International Maritime Body (IMB) to establish and control rules for the exploration and exploitation of mineral resources. UNCLOS also requires that negative effects on the marine environment be avoided.                

Finally, revenues and other benefits from mining projects must be shared fairly with other states ("benefit sharing").          


Luebeck, July 11, 2023


Set of rules for the deep sea and more.



Dear Sirs, Ladies and Gentlemen, Dear Readers,


Yesterday it was reported in the news on the FIRST German television that the deadline for a new set of rules of the international agreement of the deep sea has expired and now the deep sea floor could possibly be released for overexploitation for commercial purposes. 

It concerns in the deep sea particularly manganese nodules which contain nickel, cobalt and copper and particularly for batteries always more and never more enough in the untouched "Discounter Deep Sea" for large and small states to the free availability are to be available, then one must only access!  

The consequences by the mining of the ores would be completely unknown for the ecological cycle of the deep sea, but the speculations by the robbery of the deep sea treasures are circling already in the heads of some deep sea mining companies.   

Explorations of the mysterious deep sea with the unbelievable and unknown variety of the big and small to smallest fantastic creatures in 4000 to 6000 meters depth were already allowed for some years, but this is not enough for the people of today for a long time!   

Now just in the Pacific Ocean between Hawaii and Mexico in the Clerion-Clipperton zone, which has a huge size, such an area on the deep sea floor with manganese nodules was discovered and made public and declared as a treasure trove of the Pacific.       

Now there is no new set of rules on the part of the International Seabed Authority and therefore no more international rules, however you and your kind do not know my person yet!   

Also the last functional holy "underworld" in the Pacific is attacked and misappropriated in a hapahzard way concerning the laudable energy turnaround.   

There are always good pretences and arguments for the extraction or robbery of raw materials from the earth, which is however no longer what it was once! 

And what is actually the actual result for mankind or what exactly happens with these or other raw materials and where exactly these substances and ores remain with the disposal of the produced products?

Where can these substances end up and what exactly can these substances cause, if used and disposed of improperly?   

Who exactly profits from the mining of the ores or now also from the mining on the deep sea floor* and why do only a few states, groups or individuals profit and many other countries and people remain on the sidelines?   

More and more millionaires and billionaires are "born", but at the same time more and more people have to leave their homeland for various reasons and might die on the run. 

More and more people must suffer from hunger and thirst, starve or die of thirst and more and more healthy born children become permanently ill by deficiency symptoms of an insufficient nutrition or medical care, and if then still the earth will become drier and drier and the soil harder and harder, and a few can enrich themselves by the overexploitation of the earth, in that these people now instead of hundreds of people and more can form their life, then here on God's earth quite simply the international set of rules is missing!   

Back to your area of responsibility and the explorations of the deep sea belongs to all first of all the control and supervision of the already carried out nuclear waste disposals of some nuclear barrels of many unscrupulous rulers or socially weaker states.   

Your and other people's naivety is simply out of place or what did you and others actually think when, as is generally known, the world economic system forces an unscrupulous competition, whereby every state or every community of states has to fight for the daily prosperity and reputation or for the daily bread and you want to loosen or lose the control over the deep sea?   

Is there then still enough money in the state treasury to provide for or guarantee an "universally" legitimized disposal of the nuclear waste barrels or the fuel rods, respectively, or would not rather like to be born the next millionaire?     

The respect towards the Creation sinks day by day from all sides and this happens worldwide!     

But you and your kind fail to set up a set of rules specifically for the worldwide protection of the deep sea?

Or do you calculate in this regard with the international boost of consumption or renewable energies? 

You don't know anything about Creation and the interrelationships of created life, but you want to bring deep seabed mining* into the conversation???   

You will please, as the International Seabed Authority, ensure that no further nuclear waste or fuel rods are disposed of in the depths of the seas and waters!      

In plain language, this means for your International Seabed Authority that you, as the Seabed Authority, must take care to locate the barrels that have already been disposed of and, if necessary, to salvage or observe them.   

Furthermore, the oceans, seas and deep seas or even large rivers must be protected by the further abuse of nuclear waste disposal and thus observed, as these are also intended as "mass graves" of arriving UFOs to keep the earth ........................ ....

Please leave the deep sea in any case untouched, because not for nothing it is about depths of up to 6000 m closer to the earth core comparatively than on the earth surface!

The international set of rules of the world is already fixed and in the Internet by the homepages of my person for every mature citizen and present rulers evident.

That is valid quite particularly for the so-called nuclear-weapon states or for persons in a power position with a tendency to the megalomania!  

Read also you please as fast as possible healthy and inform you please in the Internet about the real situation of the world and more.   

Arrange yourselves all according to the true international situation correctly respectively subordinate yourselves unconditionally to the called world leadership!   

Thus my person remains with        

kind regards

Ursula Sabisch   


*German-language expression corrected and text slightly shortened.